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The Forsyth International Platform is a set of technologies, techniques, interfaces, know-how, legal frameworks, and partnerships with banks and other licensed players in the financial market. The resulting platform allows investment advisors to structure, promote, and maintain tokenized investment funds for their clients.

At the base of the structure is the holding company, owned by Forsyth International Financial Group, with a subsidiary management company to manage the funds. The holding company develops all aspects of the Forsyth International Platform, as well as work on attracting and evaluating investment advisors, who establish tokenized funds within the Forsyth International Platform. These funds are investment vehicles, each of which is dedicated to executing a particular investment strategy under the management of its investment advisor. The management company, and by extension, the holding company, is responsible for compliance, licensing, partnering with banks, and working with legal advisors.

Holders of tokens are able to register as Continuous Contributors to the Platform via the platform. Continuous Contributors are able to deposit the tokens in a depository wallet linked to their account. To register as a Continuous Contributor the holder of tokens can choose the role that she/he is willing to execute as a contributor to the Platform. The list of available roles is publicly available on the Forsyth website and are updated as needed to reflect the current needs of the Platform’s continuous development. One of the main roles will be that of an Investment Advisor. Other roles will be platform promoters, investment analysts, legal advisors, public auditors, advisors, etc.

Each role has a specific minimum and maximum number of tokens that can be deposited by a Continuous Contributor while executing such a role.  Continuous Contributors have the right to participate in “members-only” discussions regarding the Platform strategy and development plan. At least once a year or as needed, the Platform will initiate a vote among the Continuous Contributors to gather opinions of the contributing community on strategic development matters. The results of such voting will not be binding but will be strongly considered by the operational management.

Continuous Contributors from time to time confirm the execution of their roles on the platform to keep their status and depository wallets active. The process of the status confirmation will be specified for each role.


The Forsyth International Platform applies blockchain technology to create, manage, and govern tokenized investment vehicles and the platform itself. The platform operates on cryptocurrencies-based smart-contracts.


Forsyth International Platform technology has a two-level infrastructure:



This combination of tokens and tools allows the investment process to remain flexible to accommodate the wide diversity of the funds with various investment mandates and structures that are available on the Forsyth International Platform.