Forsyth International | Market Overview

Market Overview


Blockchain has been a buzzword in the financial sector since 2009. It has sparked substantial interest in the industry through its advantages of a distributed ledger, value transfer, and resilience to counterfeiting.

The creation of Ethereum (ETH) introduced smart contracts to a wide range of business users. Application of these smart contracts leads to increasing decentralization and democratization of contractual relationships, effectively leaving no place for interpretation of the fine print in the agreements and introducing dramatic cost advantages. This has resulted in the proliferation of various tokenized investment vehicles, from which we can single out three main types: currency trading, venture capital funds, and tokens pegged to assets (such as gold, the US dollar, etc.).

New entrants to the financial technology market aim to disrupt the highly concentrated and over-regulated financial industry. In this environment incumbents are taking steps to keep up with the pace of technology and with customers' demands. For example, in mid-2017 it was unveiled that a top bank had been in discussion with the national financial regulator about bringing cryptocurrencies into play.

Regulators themselves are also moving to embrace blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For example, Bitcoin is accepted in Japan, and Swiss tax authorities confirmed Bitcoin VAT-free status. Still, there is much that needs to be done to make the tokenization of these investment vehicles a seamless, transparent, and regulatory-compliant process.

Forsyth International is the company to bridge the existing gap. Tokenized investment funds are the future of the financial industry, offering compelling advantages such as transparency, tradability, and cost efficiency.

New currencies traded, new companies created, and new asset classes used as a source of income increase the diversity of the crypto world and thus efficiency.

Specialized players contribute to the overall development of the crypto ecosystem but tend to offer only one option to the users.

Scalers exploit existing approaches within already available options inside the crypto ecosystem. Market movers combine high impact to crypto ecosystem development with diversified options to the users. Broadeners use existing solutions to offer a broad range of opportunities to users.

Forsyth International provides access to the investment vehicles revealing that the approach planned with Forsyth International will consistently provide the best advantages to its investors:


Forsyth International is positioned to become the industry standard for seamless fund tokenization and management by leveraging existing expertise and technology advances.